L e v e l  6

Korean Course  level 6 - Intermediate

Teacher's name: Hyesue Yim /  임 혜 수

Hello, everyone! 안녕하세요!  My name is Hyesue Yim. 

The language I was interested in was always foreign, not Korean, but as I lived abroad for a longer time, my longing for the Korean language grew, and I was so happy to meet people who spoke or learned Korean. That joy fueled my passion for Korean language education, and I went back to being a student again. It was an incredible time to dive into Hangeul and language learning. I majored in ‘Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language’ and obtained the official Korean teacher's license from the National Institute of the Korean Language.

Learning a new language is always exciting to me. The Dutch language was the most challenging, but with many mistakes, I could make improvements. I hope you do the same with Korean. Just feel free to make mistakes to learn. I’m sure I can understand how you may feel and what you may expect as you learn Korean, which is entirely different from your native language. Don’t worry. I will help you! 

Not only the Korean language but also the culture you are interested in. I'm a big fan of K-drama, music, food, and visiting Korea every year. This course could be a place where you can share your interest in K-culture. 

Let’s have fun!

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