L e v e l  1


Korean Course Beginner  level 1

Teacher's name: undecided 

       안녕하세요! 만나서 반갑습니다.

Hello! My name is Jisu Ham. 

I am really excited about starting Korean Lessons with you. I am a native Korean speaker born and raised in Korea. I am so proud of being Korean and willing to share with you about Korean language and Korean culture. To learn how to teach Korean language and Korean culture better, I decided to go back to school again. Now I am majoring in ‘Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language’ at Cyber Hankook University. 

I will help you all the best to improve your Korean language skills step by step. Korean language is related to its culture as well. So, I also would like to guide cultural references as well in this class. I am really looking forward meeting you all. 

< Plan for activities per week >

With students who have little or no experience of Korean

Developing learners’ basic conversational skills in a short period of time. – Aspects of contemporary Korean culture will also be reviewed.

The study plan for the first semester of the 23-24 year will be uploaded soon. Please wait.

*Depending on the situation, the plan may be changed.